Fort Carita

Located in the Kingdom of Lytotha on the Kingdom Highway just to the north-eats of the Nightscap Forest.

Population approx. 10,000

Fort Carita was the southernmost city in Lytotha when it was founded and stayed that way for quite some time. As such it has quite large sturdy walls surrounding the city which also serve to contain it’s size.

It was built upon this site because of a strange portal in the side of a large circular stone. This portal has become known as the Portal of Youth as a very small number of people who attempt to enter the portal are able to pass through and emerge out the other side of the stone, seemingly gifted with the ability to never age again. The risk however, is that most who attempt to enter are violently repelled by the portal causing serious injuries, sometimes even fatally. No one has yet worked out why the portal selects the people that it does.


Jaa Gac Inn: an inn offering accomodation
Mavocjob’s Tavern: drinking establishment, known to be particualrly rowdy
Temple to Argyle: renowned in the area for it’s magical scholars and ability to know about magical history

Fort Carita

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