Located in the Kingdom of Lytotha inside the Nightscap Forest next to Tolstoys Creek.

Population approx. 5,000

Rather than growing like a normal town, Blaung was designed as a highly defensible outpost, from scratch, by the town’s first liege, Liege Marc. However, due to poor scouting, the walls which were the major defensive structure in the plans, could not be built due as the soil could not support their structutal weight.

Blaung now serves as a major lumber town and as a reserch post for the Nightscap Forest. The forest allows for Blaung continued existence and is the only reason there is still a road to Blaung.

The Forest Watchers are the major organisation in Blaung and essentially control the town as, in addition to their research into the forest, their scouts identify the best sites for logging and keep watch for the presence of fey and other dangerous forest dwellers.


Marc’s Folly: largest tavern in town, sign depicts a wall on its side


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