Welcome to Peregrine

Peregrine is styled like a traditional magic intense, high fantasy world.

It was officially created during my university days, although I had been attempting to write stories in the world for years beforehand. This was the first extended campaign for which I was GM.

It was originally designed for D&D 3.0, but was readily adapted to D&D 3.5 when it was released. Adventuring continued to occur in Peregrine for many years but it was placed on hiatus somewhere around 2008 due to ever increasing work demands.

The information which I am putting online is a compilation of any notes, journals, character sheets, etc. that I can find so that I can get rid of the boxes of paper that have been stored in the cupboard for the last few years, without losing the valuable knowledge contained within.

One day I hope to have the time to redefine Peregrine into a different rules set so that its rich history and environment can continue.



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