DECEASED: God of Aesh

Lawful Good

Racial Lesser God
Pronounced Eth-n-dil


Coming into existence in the year 110 when the Aesh first left the path of Pru-Sabi, Ethendil “died” in the year 5,919 following the Aesh becoming different from the original Pure Aesh model. This caused Yldiath, the original Aesh homeland, to undergo a catastrophic transformation and become The Sunken Mountains. His death also allowed the Aesh Wars to end as the Aesh, as an overall race, no longer felt the need for a single “correct” type of Aesh.

Some Pure Aesh still worship Ethendil, and there is a select group called The Brothership of Reunion that work towards resurrecting Ethendil and reforming the Aesh into a single race.


Peregrine Xebradant