Ruler of the Gods

Pru-Sabi is the Goddess of Knowledge and Widsom and also the Ruler of the Gods. She effectively controls everything about Peregrine but generally exerts very little influence on the daily happenings.


Greater Gods

The Greater Gods exist because Peregrine exists. They supply power through prayer for all worshipers of any god, in varying combinations depending on the god being worshiped.

Aenilou: God of Nature
Liliath: Goddess of Life
Xntylghy: God of Magic
Zeathe: God of Death


Lesser Gods

Lesser Gods are directly linked to their domain (eg. Fuegarnatei exists because Dragons exist, Dengrirt exists because Evil exists). They have a very limited influence on Peregrine but act as a conduit between the real world and the void. They may come to the aid of a worshiper in dire need and will appear only to the worshiper, appearing exactly as the worshiper always imagined.

Lesser Gods are generally divided into four groups:

Aligned Lesser Gods

Bes: Goddess of Good
Dengrirt: God of Evil
Shavaur: God of Chaos
Ternat: God of Law

Behavioural Lesser Gods

Argyle: God of Battle
Boof: God of Day
Elessela: Goddess of Murder and Mayhem
Eshela: Goddess of Cities
Fernhil: God of War
Gossomea: Goddess of Health and Wellbeing
Grelshau: Goddess of Night
Heylyly: Goddess of Friendship
Irhalm: God of Guardians
Janbwil: Goddess of Love
Jugstace: Goddess of Peace
Kthatk: God of Disease and Illness
Lzetentaz: God of Confusion
Newftal: God of the Weak and Frail
Pleactiun: God of Money and Wealth
Priktoptoc: God of Craft and Building
Quiztakzsh: God of Despair
Rettraim: God of Truth and Justice
Shemockt: God of Time
Sylenthia: Goddess of Fortune and Luck
Uxstaz: God of Destruction
Vollee: Goddess of Hope
Yengoth: God of Strength and Power

Elemental Lesser Gods

Ashtegar: God of Fire
Erog: God of Earth
Meermi: Goddess of Water
Wistinte: Goddess of Air

Racial Lesser Gods

Azx: God of Ogres
Cyiytle: God of Yopti
Erebil: Goddess of Tetaoni
Ethendil: God of Aesh
Fuegarnatei: Goddess of Dragons
Itargth: God of Dwarves
Oeum: Goddess of Frentih
Pnhgaa: God of Orcs
Risatree: Goddess of Gnomes
Swuone: God of Humans
Uashchez: God of Hobgoblins
Wmecstai: God of Goblins



Demi-Gods were once mortal but through their own excellence became Demi-Gods. They are immensely powerful and may act and influence Peregrine in any way they wish. Creatures can worship Demi-Gods, but the Demi-Gods cannot hear their prayers and clerics can only cast spells by tapping into the inherent power of the Greater Gods.

Eyrst: God of Equality
Gwiyn: Goddess of Weather
Klydiel: God of Planes
Lathertal: Goddess of Plants
Pescar: God of Fish and Fishers
Xentaxr: God of Undead
Zazshgraz: God of Pillage and Plunder



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