The Pivotal Adventure - Part 8


Day 18

After the victory some troops escort Bladewind, and Benjamin’s body, back to Olgertui where Bladewind is he now free to pursue his own agenda once again. The first task he undertakes is finding a Priestess of Liliath and organises for her to take Benjamin’s body back to the temple in Nwonknu. Yarden also arrives in Olgertui and hearing stories of the battle against the orcs, he searches out Bladewind and they team up once more. They decide that they should journey to Skinte and head out immediately.


Day 19

The peace of travelling across the plains is broken when they are attacked by an enraged badger, however they force it to run away without too much concern.


Day 20

As Bladewind and Yarden continue travelling across the plains they coincidentally bump into Esselisse who is out there scouting. She informs that they are headed the wrong direction and directs the to the road which then heads south towards Skinte.


Day 21

It is late afternoon when Yarden and Bladewind finally arrive in Skinte. They search out and find Burhkin who is more than happy to help them and he introduces them to Kyali. Kyali offers them accommodation for the night which they readily agree to.




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