The Pivotal Adventure - Part 7a


Day 15

Benjamin and Bladewind are cleared of charges as they were deemed to be completely unaware of the evil emanating from the statues. The guard captain, having heard of their conquest at the orc stronghold, insists the two adventurers assist him with a quest since they delayed his departure by a day. He informs them that the Lady Chetham has taken a force of troops south to stop a band of orcs that are threatening the countryside but they have just received information that the orc warband is larger than originally thought and they need to send reinforcements. In short order the adventurers are equipped and marching south with a band of soldiers.


Day 16

The soldiers which Benjamin and Bladewind are accompanying continue to make good progress however around midday they encounter a messenger from Lady Chetham who was returning to collect reinforcements as they have started encountering the orc forces. They push themselves longer that day, trying to meet up with the main force.


Day 17

Late morning the reinforcements find Lady Chetham’s force surrounded in a farmstead. Attacking the orcs from behind they scatter the attackers. Lady Chetham’s force has taken significant casualties but they hurt the orcs too and have found where the main orc base is located nearby. The joined forces immediately set off in pursuit and soon come across a defended hole in the plains, which turns out to be the orc stronghold. the forces plunge in and proceed to fight their way through the underground den. Benjamin and Bladewind both contributed however late in the battle they were separated from the main force and found themselves overwhelmed. Bladewind was struck unconscious and Benjamin was mortally wounded. After being revived, Bladewind carried Benjamin’s body from the hole.



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