The Pivotal Adventure - Part 6


Day 11

Upon breaking camp Esselisse and Burhkin inform the adventurers that they are going to travel south to Skinte. Bladewind decides to continue accompanying Benjamin and Yarden and the three adventurers head back to the main road across the Western Plains and continue travelling west.


Day 12

After much travelling, the adventurers arrive in the town of Shmee as night is falling. Determined to rest in luxury after their ordeal, Yarden leaves Benjamin and Bladewind to their own devices and takes accommodation in the towns most expensive inn. Benjamin and Bladewind happily purchase some ales in a tavern before spending the night in the common room.


Day 13

A day of trading. Benjamin finds an helpful merchant called Baloss who purchases some of Benjamin’s mountain gemstones. Bladewind meets a merchant called Kellios who refuses to pay what Bladewind wants for his statues (taken from the orc stronghold). After leaving Kellios’ shop Bladewind suspects that he is being followed. Retiring back to their tavern, neither Benjamin or Bladewind caught any sign of Yarden all day.


Day 14

Benjamin takes Bladewind to his friendly merchant Baloss, however when they try to sell the statues from the orc stronghold to him, Baloss sends for a specialist. When the specialist arrives he is accompanied by a squad of the town guard who arrest Benjamin and Bladewind. Later that evening they are interrogated by a sorcerer about where they got the statues from.




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