The Pivotal Adventure - Part 5

The Orc Stronghold

Day 9

The adventuring party, now numbering three again, follow the trail across the plains. They reach the Oddy Peaks and follow the trail onto a small path that starts winding into the mountains. Camp is made that night without a fire to try and avoid unwanted guests.


Day 10

Not long into the day, the path leads to a small stronghold clearly guarded by some Orcs. The adventurers kill the Orc guards without too many problems but when they enter the stronghold they are confronted by an Orc wizard and his Ogre bodyguard. An intense combat ensues but the adventurers all survive and are victorious in defeating the villains. A search of the stronghold finds a prisoner called Burhkin who they set free. As they are leaving the stronghold Esselisse appears. Burhkin is clearly excited to see her and she thanks the adventurers for freeing him. The extended group heads back and makes camp at the edge of the mountains.




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