The Pivotal Adventure - Part 4


Day 5

… ?


Day 6

Awaking from a daze, Benjamin and Yarden find themselves on the main road heading west out of the Oddy Peaks. As they start walking away, they notice the elderly looking man standing on a nearby outcrop. When they glance back, he is gone.

Despite being unnerved by their encounter with the elderly looking man, the adventurers continue heading west. Late in the day they come across a road block guarded by a pair of Hobgoblins. After some negotiation and a payment they are allowed to pass and continue on. As night sets they are again ambushed by some savage goblins, however past experience serves them well and they see off their assailants without too much hassle.


Day 7

Continuing their journey, the Oddy Peaks slowly fade away and soon Benjamin and Yarden are travelling through the southern reaches of the Western Plains. In the afternoon they come across signs of recent combat and there are clear marks showing that some wagons have been driven off the road and into the open plains. They decide to follow the trail and investigate.


Day 8

Benjamin and Yarden awake to the smell of a cooked breakfast. Jolting awake they find a striking woman has made them some food. She says her name is Esselisse and she was an advance scout for the caravan which they are tracking down. She asks to accompany them and they agree. Following the trail they find the caravan in the late afternoon surrounded by dead Orcs and wolves.

Investigating they find that the one of the caravans was stacked full of dead Dwarves and dead Aesh, apparently from the fight a few days earlier. There seems to be no reason for the dead Orcs and dead wolves scattered everywhere, however there is a bloodied trail leading across the plain towards the mountains. Looking to ask Esselisse her opinion, they find that she has disappeared.

Benjamin and Yarden decide to search the caravan for valuables, but as it is mostly trade goods the only useful things they find are a few potions. They make camp a short distance from the caravans to follow the trail the next morning. Whilst cooking the evening meal though an Aesh approaches the campfire. He explains that his name is Bladewind and he was a guard on the caravan but escaped the ambush that killed everyone else. He has no idea what happened to the Orcs and wolves, but he does point out that there were no wolves when the Orcs were killing the Dwarves and Aesh originally. And further more, he has no idea who Esselisse was.




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