The Pivotal Adventure - Part 3

Into the Mountains

Day 2

Our two adventurers spend the day in prison. Mid-afternoon Lord Grax arrives and asks them a series of questions, which they answer honestly.


Day 3

Lord Grax arrives at sunrise and informs them that they are to be set free but it is recommended that they leave town as there may be some people unhappy about their transgression. With this is mind Benjamin and Yarden decide to head west into the Oddy Peaks.

Upon releases they purchases themselves a mule and a good supply of food and water and head off along the road into the Oddy Peaks. It is relatively uneventful travel for most of the day other than the small Chameleon Beasts which seems to scurry around and scavenge anything they drop.

As it starts to get towards night and they are wondering where to make camp, a small band of savage goblins jumps out of hiding and ambushes them. Thankfully they are more than a match for the goblins and quickly dispatch them. A few goblins flee.

Later that night they are rudely woken by a larger pack of savage goblins who attack from the darkness. Again they see off the goblin attack but by this time both adventurers have taken significant injuries.


Day 4

Recognising their predicament, Benjamin and Yarden head up a side trail and find a nice sheltered spot in which to make camp and tend to their injuries. Their refuge appeared to be working too until they spot a huge stone giant climbing over the rocks. And it spots them too.

Preparing to flee, the adventurers are startled when a bright beam shoots out from somewhere nearby and strikes the giant, causes it to crumble into dust. Walking up the path towards them is an elderly looking man with a walking stick. Curious our adventurers wait for his arrival. Just as they go to speak though the elderly man waves his hand and there is a bright flash.




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