The Pivotal Adventure - Part 2

The Harsh Reality

Day 1

Arriving in Ont, well rested despite a night of travel in a carriage, the group eagerly begins exploring the places of the city. Whilst in Hagglers Lane and talking with Bouncing Tom, they note a young boy steal some of Tom’s goods. They quickly offer to retrieve the stolen property and head off in chase of the young thief. They follow the boy through the crowds and the boy enters a more rundown section of the city and takes refuge in a seemingly abandoned house.

Entering the house the party starts exploring the rooms and the encounter an old beggar man who demands to know what they’re doing in his house. When they explain that they are following the boy, the man pulls out a dagger and stabs Benjamin. Quickly retaliating they strike the old man dead.

They boy is very relieved and tells them that the old man had been forcing the boy to steal for them. He offers to lead them to a Temple of Bes to get Benjamin’s injury healed. They gratefully accept. The boy then shows them a nice inn where they can stay.

Later that evening after the party has eaten dinner and had some drinks they retire to their room to sleep. When they head up to their room though, they find a thief going through their belongings. The thief pulls a rapier and starts attacking them. The party spreads out to try and surround the thief, but the thief is skilled and with a deft move knocks Benjamin out of the second story window.

The thief quickly takes advantage and stabs Wyliant twice, however this leaves the thief exposed and Yarden uses the opportunity to strike a killing blow. Unfortunately though it is too late and Wyliant is dead. Benjamin and Yarden are distraught, however they are given no chance to grieve as the inn keeper has called the city guard and the guard arrive to find two dead bodies and Yarden holding a bloodied weapon. Benjamin and Yarden are promptly arrested and taken to the local prison.



Hey, Yarden was my Rogue wasn’t he?
If he was, his story doesn’t end well. :D

The Pivotal Adventure - Part 2

Yep, Yarden was your Rogue.
And despite his pending misfortune, he clearly survived longer than Wyliant.

The Pivotal Adventure - Part 2

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