The Pivotal Adventure - Part 1

The Adventure Begins

The Pivotal Adventure is the name which I have given to the longest running adventure in Peregrine. This adventure served to define many aspects of the world and changed it from a fantasy world to a living entity of which we all reminisce. The following adventure logs have been compiled from assorted and jumbled notes and I can only hope it captures the truth of the story. Date and time stamps on these entries have been fabricated to represent the order these adventures took.


Day 0

Benjamin has finally completed his training and is awarded the status of Journeyman. His friend Yarden meets him on the steps of the temple as he prepares to depart and together they head to the inn for a drink to celebrate. At the inn they convince another friend, Wyliant, to join them on their adventure. Later that day the party heads to the office of the Guild of Traders and purchase passage on the overnight carriage to the town of Ont.




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